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Hi ,

Open a Post and click Add or Subtract anyone's reputation when the confirmation Message comes just "OK" that
and press the "Refresh" button of the browser and keep repeating this process it has no limits and the reputation drops or adds proportional to the number of refresh we do .
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The feature requires a more complex functionality to be really usable like check by user|date. Much like 'thanks' but it requres only one text field in user table with delimited datetime|userid which can be handled and cleaned in source code - requires 2 hours. It's incompleted.
I'm not sure how it functions, but one thing Irkoo had was the restriction that if someone '+'ed a topic, they couldn't plus it again, and vice-versa with a '-' -- they could minus their thumb up, and minus one more time to thumb it down and that was it --

I'm working on getting our server migrated so we can load 1.9.6 and enjoy some of the new features --
If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 
Ok the postback issue is fixed in the Repository, next step moving the Voting Check from Cookie to Database.

UPDATE: Reputation Check is no in the Databse, no more cheating by cookie deleting.

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