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Is the constraint on IsGuestX in tables.sql correct or did something get mangled in translation? It looks like {objectQualifier} should be in there instead of a single { bracket.

if not exists (select top 1 1 from sysobjects where id = object_id(N'[{databaseOwner}].[{objectQualifier}ActiveAccess]') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N'IsUserTable') = 1)
	create table [{databaseOwner}].[{objectQualifier}ActiveAccess](		
		UserID			    int NOT NULL ,
		BoardID			    int NOT NULL ,			
		ForumID			    int,
		IsAdmin				bit NOT NULL ,
		IsForumModerator	bit NOT NULL ,
		IsModerator			bit NOT NULL ,
		IsGuestX			bit NOT NULL constraint­čů▒ ­čů▒[DF_{ActiveAccess_IsGuest][/b] [/b]default(0),
		LastActive			datetime NULL ,
		ReadAccess			bit NOT NULL ,
		PostAccess			bit NOT NULL ,
		ReplyAccess			bit NOT NULL,
		PriorityAccess		bit NOT NULL,
		PollAccess			bit NOT NULL,
		VoteAccess			bit NOT NULL,
		ModeratorAccess		bit NOT NULL,
		EditAccess			bit NOT NULL,
		DeleteAccess		bit NOT NULL,
		UploadAccess		bit NOT NULL,		
		DownloadAccess		bit NOT NULL		
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Boo... It's not bug as it doesn't throw an exception. My fault, I'll merge a fix.

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