I have a requirement to use something akin to Display Name as the displayed username in our membership integrated forum. Our actual usernames are the users' email addresses and those can't be displayed. Is there a way "out of the box" to get the Display Name feature working in a membership integation situation? or will that require custom coding? Thanks!
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YAF uses a standard Membership provider. . You can hook the data from your custom membership provider, but DisplayName is stored in User table and you should have some custom code anyway to fill in the table field from your Membership Provider.
Thanks for that info. I integrated my forum with a pre-existing membership provider via web.config edits, then ran Sync All Membership Users which worked fine to pull in the pre-existing members. So, given that, am I right that you're saying I will need to edit the code to get the Display Name from YAF's User table to show instead of the membership username? (ie: this is not a configurable YAF setting in my case?)

Thanks in advance for the clarification!

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