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The YafVision theme has the "forum name link" color set to #222. This looks good on the home page but unfortunately, this same color property is used for a:link in the posts. #222 is very closed to black so it's very hard to tell a regular text from a link in a post.

I inserted the following in the theme.css file (for YafVision) to try to keep the "forum name link" the same color #222 but make the link in the post have color DarkGreen and when hovering over has color DarkRed. This works on IE and some version of FF but not all versions of FF? Any idea on how to make mod work for all versions of browsers (at least 100% working on IE and FF). I don't know much about CSS beside googling on it.

div.postdiv a:link {text-decoration: none;  color: #006400;}
div.postdiv a:hover {text-decoration: underline;  color: #8B0000;}

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