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This is my first YAF installation, version 1.9.4, installed via GoDaddy's applications interface to my "Unlimited" Windows hosting plan.

First I should say, the setup went very smoothly, the forum works, looks clean and easy to administer.

Now, I have several domains hosted under this plan. Let's call the one on which YAF was installed "Mydomain".

"" points to a subfolder of my primary, so in the file system I have:


(Btw, the site that resides there is classic ASP.)

I chose to insall YAF to a subfolder of that domain's folder, called "forum", so I have:


I also have a subdomain which points to that new folder, i.e. browsing to "" will successfully access my forum's default page.

Now my question...

All links have URLs that not only include the above subdomain ( but also the parts of the path that I would only think necessary if I was accessing the site via my primary domain, e.g. mydomain_files/forum/{etc}

How is that even resolving? Is there anything I can do to fix it so "mydomain_files/forum" doesn't appear? I'm probably just overlooking something...


p.s. forgot to mention, I added the BaseURLMask to app.config, e.g.
<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value="" />

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