Does anyone know how I can make the
Name of the Forum Stand out, but leave the
Description just how it is?

The reason being with the Text all the same size,
and color, there really isn't anything that stands
out for newbie users on the forums that say click here!

Once you go into a Category all the text for the forums
with in is the same size.

So if I could increase the font, make it bold, change
the color something.

If any of you know how this is done please let me know.

And thank you in advance.

Well to give a little more information and hopefully help some one out there answer this.

I think all I need to know is what file I can go into to edit the Font size of a new Forum.

I've been looking but have not been able to figure it out yet.

So if some one has the exact point of where you can change that font size it would be helpful.

Thanks again,


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