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Firefox internet browser does not play with yet another Form.
Is there setting that need changed in Firefox or the form?
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I've got plenty of forum members using Firefox. Seems to work fine. There are some minor issues with TinyMCE - notably it doesn't automatically generate URLs when a web address is typed in - but nothing major as far as I know.
I can not get Firefox to run the forum either at this current time.

I'm using MS IIS 6.0, and it's only loading in IE. Then when I try to open the same URL in Firefox, nope can't load the page.

So that's a pretty significant issue if I try to post my forum and users using Firefox may or may not be able to access the site.

I would say there is some setting some place that has to be enabled, either in the Web server it self or in one of the configurations
with in the YAF files.

according to google webmaster tools, about 25% of our members are using Firefox iwth no issues

Running YAF final at: http://thecarversite.com 
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nordis2001 wrote:

I can not get Firefox to run the forum either at this current time.

Can you access this forum with Firefox? About 25% of users access my YAF installation with Firefox, and as I said there are no major problems. If you're accessing from within a corporate you may find that Firefox isn't the default browser (IE usually is) and so the proxy settings on it have not been set. In a corporate environment this would stop Firefox from accessing the Internet, not just YAF, so try another web site too.

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