• Written in C# ASP.NET (Microsoft .NET Framework v4 and above)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database
  • Uses AJAX and jQuery for controls
  • Source available under Apache 2.0 license

Main Functions

  • Forum
  • Instant Chat System with Fly out
  • Individual user graphic "Album" system with automatic thumbnails feature
  • Polls

General Features

  • Timestamps are displayed in relative Time that refreshes automatically
  • Multilingual support (also for RTL languages)
  • Unicode (UTF-8) encoding
  • RSS & Atom Feeds for all Pages (e.g. Forums, Topics, Active Discussion)
  • Daily Email Digest
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • Available as stand-alone application, DotNetNuke and Rainbow Portal Module
  • Stable and Secure
  • Great Performance - Even for forums with a large numbers of users and posts,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • META keywords/description tags generated on topic pages.

Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Single Sign On via Facebook
  • Single Sign On via Twitter
  • Single Sign On via Google
  • Automatically Register New Users that Login via Facebook
  • Automatically Register New Users that Login via Twitter
  • Automatically Register New Users that Login via Google

Member Management

  • True ASP.NET Membership/Role/Profile Provider support -- no depedancies.
  • user system with unlimited roles and permissions
  • Rank System (with Rank Images)
  • Group/Role specific features including: Colors, Private Message limitions and signature limitions.
  • Login via Username/Display Name/Email and Password


  • Possibility to hide forums when user has no access.
  • Access rights based on groups.
  • SSL Compatible
  • Captcha (Integrated Support for reCaptcha)
  • Email Verification
  • IP Banning and user "kill" system.
  • Bad Word Replacement System

SPAM Protection

  • Full support for the Akismet Anti-spam Service for filtering spam messages
  • Full support for the BlogSpam.net Blog & Forum SPAM Detection Service


  • Runs as a User Control (.ascx) in .NET allowing simpler site and CMS integration.
  • Dynamic plugin engine allowing module extensions.
  • Custom "BBCode" extension system allowing adding of community features.
  • URL Rewriting
  • Completely Localization (With Integrated Language Editor)
  • Custom "BBCode" extension system

Standards Compliance

  • XHTML Validated.
  • Feed Syndication (RSS & Atom)


  • Supports common "Rich Text Editors"
  • CKEditor included as an option.
  • TinyMCE included as an option.
  • Users can choose between Editor HTML and BBCode Editor.


  • Unlimited number of categories & forums
  • Sub Forums


  • Topic Display Options - Threaded and Normal
  • Topic and forum Email Notification
  • Visitors who are viewing the topic are shown
  • New Post Indicator
  • Printer friendly topic view
  • Tools to Manage Topics - Edit, Delete, Move, etc.
  • Subscribe the Topic via Atom or RSS Feed
  • Topic Timestamps are displayed in relative Time e.g. "4 minutes ago"
  • Predefined Statuses can be assigned to topics


  • Supports all Common BBCodes
  • Supports Custom BBCodes
  • Supports HTML in post
  • Supports Smilies/emotions (.PAK compatible).
  • Optional WYSIWYG or standard (BBCode) editors for posts
  • Attachment stored on file system
  • Attachment Images with Modal Image View
  • Quick Replay Box for fast Replying
  • Preview Post when writing a Post
  • Polls
  • Post Reporting - report posts to moderators
  • User post count
  • Thank System
  • Post Timestamps are displayed in relative Time e.g. "4 minutes ago"

Member Features

  • Member Profile Page
  • Member List (With Search)
  • Optional - Member Theme selection
  • Private Messaging
  • Buddy List
  • Who's Online
  • Member Signatures
  • Favorite Topics List
  • User Albums
  • Reputation System with unique Reputation Bar
  • User Read Tracking

Avatar Options

  • Admin Defined Avatar Galleries
  • Custom Avatars - Users can upload from computer or specify a URL
  • Option to use Gravatar Avatars

Private Messages

  • Users can send Private Messages to other Users
  • Pop Up Notification on new PMs.
  • Optional Email Notification on new PMs


  • Permission system, based on user rank role and forum access mask


  • Multiple attachments and file types (types defined by Admin)
  • Storage type options for attachments (database or file system)

User Settings

  • These Settings include Daylight Saving, Time zone, Editor Options, Language chooser and theme chooser
  • Auto-Watch Topics - where a user leaves his posts
  • Email notifications for new posts in forums or in topics

Admin & Host Features

  • Web based administration
  • Board stats
  • Administrators can mass email to all users or specific group.
  • Mass User Import/Export
  • Database Maintenance
  • Run SQL Queries

Admin Maintenance

  • Task Manager
  • Prune Topics
  • Attachment Management
  • Private Messages Management
  • Event Log
  • Restart Application

Themes & Templates

  • Isolated CSS Theming system: won't conflict with an existing site.
  • Template for easy integration with your current site design.
  • 10 Themes are included plus one Mobile Theme


  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • 24 Language Files included
  • Built-In Language Manager


  • Included a Customizable Help Guide


  • Internal search engine for advanced searching
  • Quick Search
  • External Search Engines

NNTP Support

  • Retrieve Usenet articles from NNTP Servers


  • Free Community based Support Forum